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to build an audience for it. the best way to get the word out, so to speak, and to educate people was, i thought, social media. i began. but the - my base was sci-fi geeks and nerds and i had to expand that. we tried a lot of different things. it was humour that seemed to attract a lot of people and get them to share and engage, so i started making funny comment about sci-fi and science and it expanded and i found that pictures called mims gets more, and a few kiddies gets a lot of likes and shares. so it extended more. we had a large enough audience, so i spoke about lgbt equality. there's a large overlap between sci-fi geeks and nerds and lgbt community. it exploded some more. then i introduced the sorry of the internment. people were shocked. so many people otherwise well informed didn't know about the internment. now i had people educated on the internment, i told them that we have a musical about it and we'd open in san diego at the old globe theatre and gave tastes of the songs and snippets of squeeps and developed an -- scenes, and developed an eagerness, a want to see quality, an
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1